Acai Palm

Botanical Information

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Kingdom: Plantae
Division: (none found)
Class: (none found)
Order: Arecales
Family: Arececeae
Genus: Euterpe
Species: E. oleracea

The Acai Palm itself is a very tall, slender tree which produces Acai Berries. Leaves can grow from 5-10 ft long. The trunk is only about 5 inches in diameter. These berries are dark purple drupes. The berry has been and still is a vital asset to the Amazonian economy. Thousands of berries can be produced on one tree. Acai translates to “The fruit that cries” in the indigenous language, due to its tendency to expel liquids (like tears). It belongs to the Arececeae family, or the Palm family, which includes other palm trees like the peach palm, coconut tree, and bamboo palm.

Geographical Information

The Acai Palm is native to tropical regions of Central and South America, specifically from Belize to the Amazon region of Brazil. It can also grow in Peru. The tree relies on warm tropical climate for growth.

Human Use

Acai berries come from acai palm and have a history of being used for weight-loss remedies, though there is little evidence to support the effectiveness of such remedies. It is also used as a juice and can be used in powder form. Studies have shown that the berry may contain antioxidant properties and may act as an anti-inflammatory. The berries have been a food source for the indigenous peoples of Central and South America for many years. They have used it for medicinal purposes as well, and the leaves of the palm tree have even been used for baskets.


Acai Berry in Energy Drinks

Acai Berry is the main ingredient in the energy drink “Amazon Energy Acai Berry Energy Drink”. Consumers praise the sweetness of the fruit, along with it’s antioxidant affects and the boost of energy the drink provides. It is also made with organic gaurana extract and other natural ingredients.
Acai berries are also used in the popular Vitamin Water Beverage, XXX. This contains antioxidants from Acai berries. The company maintains that the ingredients "help support the body". Also included is extract from Acai berries, blueberries, and pomegranates, along with cane sugar and fruit juice.

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Companies that use acai berries as ingredients cite that the berries contain antioxidants. However, others say that it has weight-loss and anti-aging abilities, but these claims are backed by minimal scientific evidence. Compared to other energy drinks, Amazon Energy doesn't come with the same "crash" as others are known to come with, as it used mainly all-natural ingredients and sugars.

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