Silent but Deadly - Angel Trumpet

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Plant family: Solanaceae (find other plants from this family here )
Plant Genus: Brugmansia
Botanical Name: Datura stramonium

The Angel Trumpet is a very beautiful plant that appeals to the human senses of sight, smell, and touch. It is sometimes colorful and is very fragrant and fuzzy. However, one must not be fooled by this plant's pleasant looks. The Angel Trumpet is indeed an extremely toxic and dangerous plant that should be kept out of reach of children. Every part of this plant is toxic when consumed or even when blown into someones face, as this plant is an extreme hallucinogenic. The plant contains toxins such as atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolomine. Angel Trumpet, also known as the "Zombie" plant, has been said to essentially turn people into living zombies. When the plant is consumed, people become unaware of their surroundings and actions, yet they remain conscious. This plant has very serious side affects and can even lead to death if consumed in large enough amounts. Because the plant is a hallucinogenic, it gives off a very sweet scent to people as well as insects. Many people are unaware of the toxic nature. A majority of people who have consumed this plant say confusion, delirium, and hallucinations are the principal effects along with drowsiness following sleep or coma. Dilation of the pupils is also a common effect. Agitation and convulsions requiring the use of restraints or sedatives are reported in around a third of the sources, a similar proportion give death as the outcome of Datura poisoning.

Although this plant is sometimes used in gardens as lawn ornaments and for its wonderfully sweet smell, it is often used for all the wrong reasons. Since the Angel Trumpet has such a foul taste to it, it is very uncommon for people to overdose on this plant by accident. The most common use of this plant is as a hallucinogen. People use it as a way to get high, however the cost of this experiment can be deadly and is indeed deadly for many people who try it. In small amounts it is hallucinogenic, in large amounts it is deadly, but in properly calculated amounts the Angel Trumpet can be used medicinally. In India it has been used as a form of ayurvedic medicine. Teens have also been documented making Angel Trumpet tea in order to ingest the substance. The Food and Drug Administration listed the Angel Trumpet as a poisonous plant so usually medicinal uses of the plant are frowned upon; however, as far back as 1500 B.C. the plant was used by Shamans to diagnose diseases in areas such as Peru.

The Angel Trumpet is a member of the Solanaceae plant family.
Plant members of this family:
  • Have alternate, simple leaves
  • Belong to roughly 105 plant gerera with around 2,500 different species
  • Flowering plants
  • Usually economically important pertaining to food and drugs
  • Mostly found in the tropical regions of Latin America
  • Clustered flowers with sepals and petals
  • Superior ovary

  • Petunia
  • Potato
  • Tomato
  • Peppers

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This plant came to North America from South America, and is usually grown in warmer climates. It does best with warm moist soil, and in the garden it will thrive with much sunlight.
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The seeds of the Angels Trumpet are very slow to germinate but have a great germination rate and grow rather quickly. The seeds must be kept moist in order for them to have a higher chance of germination. The seeds are placed in a soiless mix and water and then they are dipped in rooting hormones after being cut. The new leaves then begin to develop within a few weeks. Another option available for when you have limited space is to save the seeds by placing a pantyhose or similar material over the seedpod and allowing it to open naturally. Once the seeds are dry, they could either be frozen or refrigerated until the seeds are ready to plant. With this woody plant stem cutting is also a valid propagation method for the Angel Trumpet.

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Angel Trumpet Tree
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Angel Trumpet Flower
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Angel Trumpet Fruit
external image eHlo1_aqmQqLmf6I5kw_CRKJhoy1EFXd4kttK6xrxDZufMXYqphfhIbfTD2LBmnkXZG6VknV28H40rWnuWI=s580
external image eHlo1_aqmQqLmf6I5kw_CRKJhoy1EFXd4kttK6xrxDZufMXYqphfhIbfTD2LBmnkXZG6VknV28H40rWnuWI=s580


In India and Russia Angel Trumpet was known as "knockout drops" and was used in order for thieves to steal from people. Prostitutes would also use this as a way to steal extra money from their victims whithout them remembering in the morning. The hallucinations would leave the unfortunate victims dazed and confused in the morning when they realized they had been stolen from. This plant is also used often in Colombia to help aid theft, kidnapping, rape, and even murder. This plants beauty should not be mistaken as it is an extremely evil and dangerous plant.

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