Summary: Ginseng is a popular Herb that is frequently misunderstood and usually provided too small to have the desired effects. Medical use of Ginseng can go back to 2,000 years with reference to cooling and calming properties, treatment to poor nutritional status and alleviation of digestive distress. In today's society it is mostly used as energy booster. Over 5,000 years ago the herb was discovered in the mountains of Manchuria,China. By the 1900s, the demand for ginseng increased and Korea began their commercial cultivation of ginseng which continues to this day. Because of this discovery, in North America in the early 1700s they demanded trade for this root. Before long, it was being grown in New England, New York, and Massachusetts making fortune. But by the end of the 19th century, due to over-harvesting the wild root was near extinction. But around 1960s, the trade in america has began to increase once again.

Botanical Information:
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Asterids
Order: Apiales
Family: N.O. Araliaceae
Genus: Panax
Species: Panax ginseng

Geographical Information:


In this picture, this is a map of where Ginseng is grown. Ginseng requires to be grown in deciduous forest canopy with 70% to 80% shade. The color zones tend to be the most limiting factors of ginseng horticulture.
In the Cooler zones (1-6) are where ginseng can mostly be grown but anywhere below that would be hard to.
Generic name: Panax
Formerly supposed to be confined to chinese tartary. The root grows in woods throughout eastern and central North America, especially along the mountains from Quebec and Ontario, south to Georgia.

Human Use: Ginseng Extract was used in the treatment of Chronic respiratory disease in individuals on home oxygen treatment. The study found increased respiratory strength, improved oxygenation and walking distance increased. Researchers found out that because of ginseng enhanced mood and Psychological performance.
The three forms you can find ginseng in can be Roots, Capsules, and extract that users consume.

Ginseng in Energy Drinks:Ginseng is primarily used in Energy Drinks for the benefits of the boost in brain power it produces. By boosting the brain power it also increases memory which is very helpful in studying situations. As well as this attributes it can relax the nervous system which is a plus when it comes to examples such as taking test or other big moments in one's life.Some side effects are Diarrhea, Insomnia, upset stomach and spinning sensation. The Ginseng contents in Energy Drinks typically ranges between 8 mg and 400mg in 16 ounces. Here is a list of some Energy drinks that involve Ginseng:

Unknown-4.jpeg1. RockstarEnergy Drink
2. Petey's Bing Energy Drink
3. Crunk Sugar Energy Drink
4. Monster Hitman
5. Jolt Endurance
6. Rockstar Recovery Energy Drink
7. Xyience Xenergy
8. Monster Original Energy Drink

While Ginseng might sound harmless, if you take more than the amount your supposed to, it can become very dangerous. Stats and articles state that in research done, people who take ginseng consistently in large dosages can give you insomnia. Doesn't seem that bad, but an inability to sleep for 2 to 3 days can induce psychotic episodes.
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